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To gain more new business in the South Shore/New England area.

Campaign Details

Walker-Clay Inc. partnered with the Scarlet Marketeer, Mary Ellen Sokalski, to create this complete package, along with a give-back campaign supporting the local community. This program is a three-part mailer with a follow-up process built in to connect with the potential new client. When a connection is made, Walker's promise is to deliver a "twin" elephant in the client's name to the local hospital. Local businesses with 50 or more employees in the South Shore/New England area that qualified received a package containing brochures, letters, business cards, custom boxes, a plush elephant, a custom coloring book journal with coloring pencils in a wooden box and Animal Crackers.


This unique campaign produced an overall response rate of 79 percent in two months. Gaining the company three new clients and increasing sales.