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To rebrand Creative Awards into something modern, aspirational, relatable and story-driven.

Campaign Details

"Driven by a passion for product with purpose and a vision to harvest a relationship-based future, the Creative Awards team set out to rebrand into an entirely new company with a bigger vision: enter Creative. To reflect the new vision, Creative underwent a full rebranding process, developing a new brand identity based on its current value proposition. The name Creative became its aspirational ideal and a reminder to clients and the team that Creative does just that—it creates meaningful products that add value to people’s lives and products that end-users not only cherish but welcome. The new look leans into modern colors, color blocking, custom iconography and visual flow mapping. The brand shows that Creative is playful and fun, but professional. Creative is cool, but not pretentious. Creative is aspirational but relatable. Creative is experienced, but curious."


New clients have very little to no insight about Creative Awards and are onboarding based on the new Creative brand. Creative has intentionally refrained from making its history part of its story moving forward. The company is telling a new story—and it’s working.