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To increase attendance for the company’s open-house event and increase revenue by a minimum of 20 percent from the same period of the year prior.

Campaign Details

The team designed a sweet-sounding theme by drawing inspiration from Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and integrating promotional products into the campaign. This campaign, which showcased the company’s creative and collaborative abilities, was characterized by live music, beer gardens, a food truck and a VIP seating area. The distributor open house attracted 400 prospects and clients, and the campaign featured a fan invite, promo-filled bags, sunglasses, beach balls, wristband headphones and new and top-trending products on display by 18 of the company’s preferred vendors.


The agency targeted 500 prospects and clients with the final attendance just shy of 400 people surpassing its previous attendance record. Sales grew from the same period of the year prior by 43 percent.