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To increase K to 12 student engagement, with a focus on females, minorities and students from rural areas of Iowa and to find promotional items that would be relevant to STEM programs and labs.

Campaign Details

Team Iowa strategically selected products that represent science, technology, engineering and math for use during registration/check-in, lectures, tours and labs that are part of the University of Iowa Health Care STEM programs while targeting the specific age demographic. Selected items featured a specially selected logo that was featured throughout the event beginning with registration where participants received a cinch bag containing a folder with program information and lanyard. One item that really stood out was the Rubiks Cube, which featured unique branding; a product that was recommended because it encourages problem-solving and critical thinking, which are two fundamental skills sought after in STEM professionals. A custom calendar was created by the college print division and given internally to professors, schools and legislators.


Overall, the program saw an increase of 4,000 students, engaging a total of 20,261 students in 159 STEM programs an impressive 9 percent increase over the previous year with 73 percent of attendees being female.