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The creation of a pitch-in-a-box to utilize Raining Rose products as a sales and marketing tool for distributors.

Campaign Details

In its first year, the Raining Rose, Inc., box was a one-sided kit containing a small sampling of products from the Raining Rose line. Overtime the box has evolved into a larger, doubled-sided kit including all-natural lip balms, organic lip balm, all-natural lip shimmer, hand sanitizers, sunscreens, lotion, EOS lip balm, EOS lotion, a plush hot and cold pack, a gift set and a retainer case. All the products in the box are decorated with user-friendly labels and imprints and sit in a custom foam piece for a polished presentation. The bright orange color of the box is consistent with the brand and effortlessly highlights the products in a professional and seamless manner. The box is completed with an insert outlining application ideas for each product.


This evolving sales and marketing tool was created to outline the promotional uses and ideas for each product. User-friendly labels and imprints in a bright orange box effortlessly highlights Raining Rose's products.