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To raise money for the family of Deputy Zackari Parrish of the Castle Rock Police Department, who was tragically killed.

Campaign Details

Deputy Zackari Parrish of the Castle Rock Police Department in Colorado, and four Douglas County deputies were tragically killed on December 31, 2017. The Castle Rock Police Officers Association reached out for help with their fundraiser. Working with Proforma Big Dog Branding, together they designed a t-shirt, which was approved and made available in online store within 24 hours. The design the association selected had special significance in that it featured a Spartan mask that Deputy Parrish was very fond of, so much so that he had a tattoo of it. Below the mask was his name and end-of-watch date. On the back of the shirt/hoodie was a quote from Matthew 5:9; a verse often used in reference to military and law enforcement. Because of Proforma's efforts with the online program, the company was asked to produce, deliver and help with merchandise sales at the charity 5k race. New graphics were created for the event shirts using the Spartan mask again for the front and back.


Between online sales and the race, there was a total of $134,500 raised and donated to the family of Zachari Parrish and the DCSO Fallen Officers Fund.