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To help distributors tangibly demonstrate the effectiveness of the video card, Global Promo LLC created its video aid, "Open the door to a world of possibilities.”

Campaign Details

The “Open the door to a world of possibilities” video tool was created to translate abstract ideas about the role and impact of video. This marketing aid comes with a high-definition 7" LCD screen, hard stock cover and a bi-fold window. When prospective clients open the cover a sample video begins playing with a graphic showing the distributor's logo, then transitions into other sample videos to hold the end user’s attention. The video cards provide a stimulating way to share important information by combining full-color graphics and video technology. This tool has been used by a range of sectors to launch new products, take clients on a virtual tour or make a sales pitch for political campaigns and fundraising or to educate patients and providers. Distributors can use the sample videos provided or customize the tool with a targeted video.


This marketing aid created by Global Promo replaces random, imprinted samples with a highly effective piece to show end users and decision-makers the value and impact of the video card as a promotional product.