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To prevent the collapse of a small-town café with a complete rebrand.

Campaign Details

The rebranding goal was to allow the owner to be gruff and cranky, while making customers love her for it. Embracing the new owners’ prickly personality the café was renamed The Crazy Sister Cafe & Ice Cream Parlor. Funk Advertising designed a new logo and created a fully branded marketing program that included banners, postcards, stickers, t-shirts for staff and rugs at the door, each featuring crazy sayings and the cafe's new tagline “Who Ya Callin’ Crazy”. A full social media and promotional products campaign blanketing a 20-mile radius promoted crazy sayings contests, pictures of winners, daily specials and the Sister “in character.” Promotional products were used daily onsite to further engage customers in sharing and recommending the “Who Ya Callin’ Crazy” experience.


The combination of marketing efforts drew out-of-town customers into the, "Who Ya Callin’ Crazy" experience, resulting in financial and branding success with 75 percent of income earned coming from out-of-town customers.