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Launch a new fragrance, Britney Spears Curious, in the New Zealand market and sell $575,000 worth of the fragrance and its related products.

Campaign Details

Capitalizing on their popularity among the target audience, promotional wristbands were used as fragrance testers. The imprinted wristbands not only held the fragrance well but also continued to serve as a fashion accessory long after the fragrance had dissipated. The wristbands were supported with a comprehensive point-of-sale, television, radio and web campaign. Wompro Pty Ltd. Raise research revenue for the eradication of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The campaign launched three successful retail lines that sold throughout the year. The high visibility of the promotion led to positive media coverage, and online sales of internet-available items increased 18.5 percent over the previous year’s sales. The first tier of a three-tiered retail program included a collection of fun, inexpensive items sold in a point-of-sale box; the second offered larger, higher priced items supporting the theme; and the third tier, used for promotional/event purposes, included a seven-foot-high bear– the largest soft toy bear ever produced in Australia. Temporary tattoos, flashing badges, balloons, umbrellas and bumper stickers supported the campaign.


The sales target of $575,000 was achieved in three months, not the proposed eight. By the end of the eight-month campaign, sales had topped the target amount by 150 percent.