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To rebrand the company logo by removing outdated and unclear imagery for a cleaner message and company representation.

Campaign Details

A five-member team reviewed a range of options, from entirely changing the logo and font selections used to making only minor edits. After consulting with customers and employees it was determined that the original meaning behind the logo had been lost. The team decided to move forward with moderate changes to the logo, removing the eclipse silver and flipping and inverting the arrow while preserving the original fonts, spacing and colors. This leaves the history of DistributorCentral that its customers have come to know and love, while ensuring the appropriate messaging is being used to represent the company. This change meant that many materials required updating, including business cards, flyers, the website, DistributorCentral’s tradeshow booth, social media, internal artwork and new signage, and these materials needed to be communicated to all of DistributorCentral’s industry partners.


DistributorCentral completed its rebrand internally and externally in two months, rolling out its new, cleaner logo across all locations, and removing the outdated, unclear imagery to better represent the brand.