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Re-brand and re-position the Bell Museum in the University of Minnesota to create stronger relationships with its members, contributors, and the local and scientific community.

Campaign Details

Through customized creative pieces, American Solutions for Business, helped the museum tell its story and engage with its target audience about new features, technology and attractions, all before its doors officially re-opened. The museum's two major attractions-- a 12-foot-tall, open-air diorama featuring a full-scale woolly mammoth and a new state-of-the-art planetarium-- were used to inspire the custom pieces for the client. Custom snow globes were created, hand-painted and given as gifts to local legislators and regents who passed the bonding bill, which was a significant step in allowing the museum to move and accommodate the woolly mammoth exhibit. Socks, water bottles, totes and field block notebooks, featuring a constellation design that incorporated the University of Minnesota's block letter ""M"", were designed to demonstrate the Bell Museum’s dedication to observation, exploration and science.


This creative program helped the museum draw in more than 5,000 visitors to preview events over a two-month span, before officially reopening its doors.