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To stimulate awareness and generate interest for MTS Systems Corporation while showcasing its value to existing and prospective engineering businesses in the US automobile industry.

Campaign Details

A custom erector set with branded decals and options to build five variations of toy cars was sent to 2,500 pre-vetted automobile industry engineer clients and prospective clients. Each toy was accompanied by a marketing teaser that strategically illustrated a sentimental depiction and flashback of children playing with the toy, combined with other familiar activities. The toy was used to create interest in MTS Systems Corporation with its flexibility of customizing test solutions. The campaign included a 3-day email blast, inviting recipients to visit an informational micro-website to pique their interest. Site visitors had access to an idea book, case studies and other related products and services to also help stimulate call-to-action.


The campaign met budget and drove the sales pipeline for MTS into the multi-million-dollar range! Open rates on the three-day email campaign exceeded 28 percent, and the inquiry website generated 2,716 unique clicks and inquiries.