Winning Campaigns

Promotional products grab people’s attention every day. They’re the only medium that engages all five senses. Customers can see, hear, touch, taste and even smell them.

These campaigns, winners of the prestigious Pyramid Award presented by Promotional Products Association International, provide real-world examples of the results and impact you can achieve when promotional products are used alone or in combination with other media. 

Building New Business

GEICO Direct

Promotional Consultant: Summit Marketing  

Objective: Motivate GEICO Direct reps to increase sales during a two-month period.  

Results: New corporate business increased by 9.4 percent company wide, and productivity was up 14.3 percent.  

Campaign Details: As a Busch Series NASCAR corporate sponsor, GEICO launched a terrific tie-in sales contest with a NASCAR theme. Each region hosted a kickoff rally, distributing “GEICO 500” caps, flags and mini tire-pressure key chains, and prizes ranged from stadium seats to smart mugs and race fan kits. During the two-month window, GEICO awarded race-themed promotional items and cash value scratch cards ($2 to $50) for every sale. Grand prizes of $1,000 debit cards were presented to each team member who showed the greatest increase in productivity. 

Corporate Goodwill


Promotional Consultant: The Jolesch Group  

Objective: Acknowledge sponsors for the Richard Petty Racing School, gain incremental upgrades to current sponsorship and sell new sponsor packages.  

Results: CompUSA saw one company elevate its sponsorship package to $500,000. Other new sponsorship packages worth an additional $1.5 million were negotiated.  

Campaign Details: CompUSA hosted a getaway for sponsors that included the Richard Petty Driving experience, two nights at a nearby resort and an awards dinner. Invitations arrived in the form of a one-inch-thick, hinged metal tin. Inside the tin were racing gloves, miniature racing flags and a plastic ticket holder on a lanyard. All of the items were wrapped in black-and-white checkered tissue paper. The outside of the tin featured the racing logo, and the entire piece was tied with a checkered ribbon sporting a personalized hangtag.

New Product Launch

Elizabeth Arden (New Zealand)

Promotional Consultant: High Impact Marketing Limited  

Objective: Launch a new fragrance, Britney Spears Curious, in the New Zealand market and sell $575,000 worth of the fragrance and its related products.  

Results: The sales target of $575,000 was achieved in three months, not the proposed eight. By the end of the eight-month campaign, sales had topped the target amount by 150 percent.  

Campaign Details: Capitalizing on their popularity among the target audience, promotional wristbands were used as fragrance testers. The imprinted wristbands not only held the fragrance well but also continued to serve as a fashion accessory long after the fragrance had dissipated. The wristbands were supported with a comprehensive point-of-sale, television, radio and web campaign.

Wompro Pty Ltd.   Raise research revenue for the eradication of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.   The campaign launched three successful retail lines that sold throughout the year. The high visibility of the promotion led to positive media coverage, and online sales of internet-available items increased 18.5 percent over the previous year’s sales.   The first tier of a three-tiered retail program included a collection of fun, inexpensive items sold in a point-of-sale box; the second offered larger, higher priced items supporting the theme; and the third tier, used for promotional/event purposes, included a seven-foot-high bear– the largest soft toy bear ever produced in Australia. Temporary tattoos, flashing badges, balloons, umbrellas and bumper stickers supported the campaign.

Employee Motivation


Promotional Consultant: HGX, Inc. (dba: HyperGrafX)  

Objective: Reduce the amount of customer service employee sick time and attrition that occur during periods of customer rate hikes and notifications of plan changes.  

Results: Sick days taken and employee turnover were reduced to less than one percent during the campaign month of December. The program led to improved employee morale and performance in comparison to prior rate-change periods.  

Campaign Details: Comcast customer service representatives experience a considerable amount of customer-induced stress when rates go up or plan changes occur. Using the theme, “Stress-Free Excursion,” Comcast developed kits containing an info wheel, cookies, gum, lip balm and an oversized pen. The purpose of the kit was to provide a fun but educational way to recognize, learn about and minimize stress, and show concern for employees.


Down Syndrome Research & Treatment Foundation

Promotional Consultant: Ice Blue Advertising  

Objective: Generate a higher profile for the Foundation and raise funds for continued laboratory testing.  

Results: The initial promotion raised more than $50,000 for the charity, enough for 14 pairs of genetically engineered mice which were donated for research at Stanford.  

Campaign Details: Down syndrome research relies on the study of genetically engineered mice. To raise funds for the acquisition and maintenance of these mice, the Foundation teamed with the Gateway Preparatory Academy, Richmond, Texas, to develop “Adopt-A-Mouse.” At the center of the campaign was a five-inch bean bag mouse wearing a tiny, imprinted t-shirt and a small tag that explained the mission of the campaign. The students and their parents made presentations at community events where the mice were sold. A full-size t-shirt was created and sold raising additional funds. 

Retail Promotion

Toys “Я” Us

Promotional Consultant: The Jolesch Group

Objective: Increase retail sales at nearby stores when a live Barney show would play in the area.

Results: Hoping for a three-percent response rate, Toys “Я” Us reported an 18-percent rate of redeemed “Chat With Me” cards. The chain extended the program through year end.

Campaign Details: HIT Entertainment teamed with Toys “Я” Us stores to promote a 30-city tour of “Barney’s Colorful World.” Prior to each show, participating Toys “Я” Us stores made over the front section of the store in full Barney regalia, including flyers, window posters, standee characters, basket stand flyers and bag stuffers promoting an interactive “Chat With Me” event. Within two weeks of the event, show attendees could return to the store to arrange a free phone call and message from Barney.